Farzaneh Hosseini was born in 1984 in Tehran. As a child she was very interested in painting. In her teens, she went to the art school and got a painting diploma and her enthusiasm in drawing increased. Then her membership in Passage artistic group, her participation in several group and individual exhibition and also her contribution in theoretical artistic topics led her to a more serious way. In these years, the youthful enthusiasm guided her to music. She started playing the “Daf” – an Iranian traditional instrument and continued playing this instrument professionally for some years. She played in some national and international concerts in this period of time, but she quitted the music because of her interest in visual arts.

After finishing school, she started studying animation in Applied Science University but since the major was very new the classes were canceled after a term and she had to stop. Knowing the professors in this filed, she worked animation about 6 months. She also got familiar with “ Lino Print “ in this university and she followed  this kind of printing more seriously later .In these years she took part in university entrance exam and in 2005 she was accepted in Alzahra University to study painting. In 2006 she took part in Parviz Tanavoli’s classes in Mah-e-Mehr gallery and the result of these classes was exhibited in a group exhibition in Assar Art Gallery. Her Lino print works were also exhibited in Artists Forum in Tehran. Since she was interested in working with Tanavoli, she started to work with him in his workshop in Niavaran. Working with Parviz Tanavoli as assistance for 4 years, observing his works and her cooperation in making the sculptures were unique experience that made her choose sculpture as her main activity.

In these years she started a project with the focus on the Iranian traditional sports and used “Mil” (something used in Zoorkhaneh- the Iranian traditional sports club) as the main element of her works and produced a series of works with the title of “People of City”. In this collection “Mil” was generally the symbol of the human.

Following the previous collection, she started another project after her graduation. In this project the “Baton” as the main element. The title of this collection which was exhibited in 2012 was “Intricate Knot”

In 2011 she made her large size sculpture in the North of Iran.